About Us

The group refining capacity is 80.2 million metric tonnes per annum (MMTPA) – the largest share among refining companies in India. It accounts for approx. 32% share of national refining capacity.

The strength of Refining Technology springs from its experience of operating the largest number of refineries in India and adapting to a variety of refining processes along the way. The basket of technologies, which are in operation in IndianOil refineries include: Atmospheric/Vacuum Distillation; Distillate FCC/Resid FCC; Hydrocracking; Catalytic Reforming, Hydrogen Generation; Delayed Coking; Lube Processing Units; Visbreaking; Merox Treatment; Hydro-Desulphirisation of Kerosene&Gasoil streams; Sulphur recovery; Dewaxing, Wax Hydro finishing; Coke Calcining, etc.

The Corporation has commissioned several grassroots refineries and modern process units. Procedures for commissioning and start-up of individual units and the refinery have been well laid out and enshrined in various customised operating manuals, which are continually updated.