Event Overview

After the proven success of previous editions, Messe Frankfurt brings to you the 3rd edition of annual India Refining Summit ‘Refining and Petrochemicals – Innovation and Excellence’ to be held on 19-20 July 2018 at Hotel Shangri-La’s, New Delhi which would bring together key players in the oil & gas, refining and petrochemical industries to probe and explores winning strategies and technologies in tackling the challenges of the Indian refining industry.

India Refining Summit provides a wider platform this time to industry stakeholder and professionals from India and overseas to discuss the major challenges faced by Refining industry which are ‘Increasing refining capacity – building new refineries, expansions and replacements’, ‘Implementing the emerging technologies to meet the predominant demand for middle distillates’ and ‘Make the petroleum products environment friendly and globally competent.’

Theme Background

India is one of the bright spots of the global economy and is emerging as a major driving force in global energy trends, with all modern fuels and technologies playing a part. Being the third largest energy consumer in the world after US and China, the domestic oil demand alone is likely to climb to 500 million tonnes by 2040. However, the country’s current domestic refining capacity is only 230-235 million tonnes and hence, the main focus of the Indian petrochemical industry right now is to plan capacity addition, not just to meet its domestic demand but also gear up for the demand arising from export market.

With the projected increase in Indian oil demand in the next decades, arises some boiling concerns in Indian oil and gas sector. Where environment degradation and refining waste management are some of the major concerns, another challenge being faced by the industry is to steadily shift the hydrocarbon sector from fossil to non-fossil sources.

The Government plans to move to an even more stringent standard by 2020 that limits Sulphur content in transportation fuels to less than 10 ppm. The stringent environmental stipulations leads to the need for huge investments for upgrading fuel quality in line with the international trends and increasing concern for energy security.

The tightening of emission standards for transport fuels is a welcome development for India’s sustainable future. However, its successful implementation depends in large part on the capability of domestic refineries to meet the more stringent BS VI standard. If domestic refineries cannot produce compliant fuels, moving to a tighter standard would result in more imports. Another development as part of country’s agenda is reducing the country’s import dependence of oil and gas by 10 per cent by 2022.

There is also an urgent need to explore and adopt innovative solutions to create and add value from the existing assets, improve process and energy efficiency, yield optimization and process integration, The global economy is a dynamic and ever-growing one in spite of the high cost of energy. This in turn is forging the demand for petrochemicals. The strong growth in demand is not backed by a sufficient supply so the cost is still to come down. Operating rates of major petrochemical product segments are very high presently.

In the Indian economy, the petrochemical sector is one of the fastest growing segments which and has a growth rate of around 13% which currently is more than twice the gross domestic product growth. The investments made in the India petrochemical industry are huge which bode well for the growth in this segment.

There is a steadfast growth in the production activity of the main petrochemicals and as the result, the India petrochemical industry attained self-sufficiency. The dominant part of the India petrochemical industry, the segment consisting of polymers is growing at a superb pace, with the middle class household boosting the consumption.

Indian Refining sector needs to gather with the solutions providers, refiners and policy makers to think on these grounds and come up with the solutions for making the vision of increasing Refining Capacity by 2040 as a feasible and successful path to walk on. We invite you all to India Refining Summit 2018 at New Delhi for a worthwhile meet.

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  • When

    19-20 July 2018
    Starting 9:00am
  • Where

    Hotel Shangri-La
    New Delhi