Workshop on

Digitalization of a refinery business and industrial processes with Zyfra's IIoT and AI software

Zyfra WorkshopThe workshop will dwell on the downstream industry practical scenarios for achieving of a refinery Topline and Bottomline by implementing software digital platform and applications.

Zyfra Workshop Such scenarios include but not limited to automation of process workflows for stop/startup and emergency period control, monitoring and forecasting of process KPIs for disclosing of process limits, planned vs. actual analysis, identification and mitigation of arbitrary losses (unauthorized withdrawal) as well as evaluation and control of quality potential against target quality metrics coupled with assessment of excessive/insufficient quality potential by key quality metrics.

In order to address these issues Zyfra offers advanced software applications including Mass and energy balance, Quality assurance and Production scheduling that benefit from micro service architecture and contemporary open source technology. Zyfra experts will demo and explain how such software applies to a refinery process and production management.

Zyfra Workshop The workshop targets best the needs of managers and specialists in the production planning and optimization, quality control, IT & engineering, dispatching and industrial safety as well as continuous improvement.

22 August, 2019
Hotel Shangri - La, New Delhi, India

  • 18:00 hrs – 18:15 hrs Registration & Refreshments
  • 18:15 hrs – 18:45 hrs Session by Andrey Kondratyev
  • 18:45 hrs – 19:00 hrsBio Break
  • 19:00 hrs – 19:30 hrs Session by Yuriy Krylov
  • 19:30 hrs – 21:00 hrsNetworking over dinner
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