Thursday, 22 August

Current Scenario and Future- Oil and gas downstream sector and increasing refining capacity

  • Government initiatives on investments aiding the growth of downstream sector
  • Increasing refining capacity by 2030 – Feasibility plan
  • Reduced oil imports; maintaining global market equilibrium
  • IMO 2020 – A boost for refineries for low Sulphur fuel

Panel Discussion: I

Investments aiding the downstream sector

Ensuring operational excellence and plant optimization

  • Improving refinery margins
  • Ensuring safe instrumentation and energy efficiency at the facility

Technology and Catalyst Advancements

  • Adoption of current technology to achieve operational excellence – IIOT and AI
  • Preventing corrosions in refinery system
  • Latest advancements in FCC Catalysts

Friday, 23 August

Current Scenario and Future- Petrochemicals & Refining-Petrochemical Integration

  • Upcoming and ongoing petrochemical projects
  • Latest developments in petrochemical technologies
  • Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated development projects
  • Experience and viewpoints from EPC Contractors

Environment regulations and refining technologies

  • Renewable energy ongoing and performance of running projects
  • Controlling refinery emissions and effluent management
  • Technologies for biomass conversion and CO2 capture

Panel Discussion: II

Industry 4.0 – The digital transformation

Panel Discussion: III

Clean fuels- Innovative technologies for safe and clean downstream operations